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Headteacher’s Welcome

The children and staff at Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School welcome you to our website.  We are a thriving infant and nursery school with an on-site Pre-School.  We are all working together to provide the very best education for our children.

For the past 9 years our school results in all tested subjects (Reading, Writing and Maths) have been significantly better than National Results.

We are very proud to have been graded by Ofsted as an outstanding school in March 2015. Ofsted stated;

The pupils’ best interests are at the heart of everything the headteacher, other school leaders, and staff do.

Leaders at all levels, including governors, are relentless in their drive to continually improve the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievements.

Early years’ provision is excellent.

Pupils’ progress is tracked very closely so all make the progress of which they are capable

Pupils are kept very safe and are extremely well cared for. They are very proud of their school.

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted exceptionally well.

Teaching is of a very high standard.


Arden Grove Infant & Nursery School became a Leading Edge Academy on 1st June 2013. The decision to became an academy was made by the Governors. Some schools are forced by the DfE to become academies but at Arden Grove we chose to do this, as we felt it was the right decision for our school and children. As an academy we are no longer controlled by Norfolk County Council and receive funding direct from the Government. On the 6th December 2013, Arden Grove formed an Umbrella Trust with both Hellesdon High School and Norwich Theatre Royal. This is called Norfolk Schools and Theatre Royal Trust. This brings the school exciting, creative opportunities that enrich our provision for the Arts (music, dance, drama, and Art).

Since the launch of this trust, a number of new parents have chosen our school because they appreciate and recognise the promotion of the arts as being a key determining factor to children achieving well academically. This trust is a clear statement of intent that we want the very best for children who start their education at Arden Grove and inevitably because of its excellent provision and ethos, want to finish their education at Hellesdon High School.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our school or to arrange a visit.  We hope that you enjoy exploring our website and look forward to welcoming you to our school.